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The Fukushima Text Initiative – A Short Description

The Fukushima Text Initiative was founded in April 2011. The project is an effort to collect texts of Japanese participants of the debate on Fukushima, translate them into German language and make them available in the World Wide Web. The Japanese sources were written by scientists, journalists, politicians, philosophers and literary authors as well as by artists and representatives of pop culture. The Fukushima Text Initiative gathers recent news, deep thoughts and other noteworthy contributions to the debate on 3/11. The members of the Initiative are Lisette Gebhardt (Japanology/Cultural Studies, University of Frankfurt, Germany) and Steffi Richter (Japanology/Cultural Studies, University of Leipzig, Germany). Raji C. Steineck (Japanology/History of Ideas, Philosophy, University of Zurich, Swiss) has also recently joined the Initiative. We hope these sites – still under construction – will be useful.

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