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Ankündigung 3.11 Symposium Leipzig

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Day 1: Thursday, 9 November


Welcome speech: Prof. Dr. Beate A. Schücking, Rector of Leipzig University

Opening remarks: Tsuboi Hideto, Head of Office of International Research Exchange, Nichibunken


Keynote Speech: Karatani Kojin


Welcome Party

Day 2: Friday, 10 November


New Generation Panel

- Moderator: Patricia Fister International Research Center for Japanese Studies

- Panelists:

  • Felix Jawinski, Leipzig University
    Criticizing the "Nuclear Village" - Nuclear Laborers in Predicament [abstract] [full paper]
  • Tamura Miyuki, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies
    The Struggle between the Body and Words: Reading Yoshimura Man’ichi’s Works [abstract] [full paper]
  • Franziska John, Leipzig University
    Criticising the "Nuclear Village" - Scientists in Predicament? [abstract] [full paper]
  • Nagase Kai, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies
    3.11以後、なぜ高橋源一郎はやがて沈黙してしまったのか。 [abstract] [full paper]

- Discussants: Markus Rüttermann International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Dorothea Mladenova, Leipzig University


Session 1: Globalization, Media and Movements

- Moderator: Tsuboi Hideto International Research Center for Japanese Studies

- Panelists:

  • Ito Mamoru, Waseda University
    「ポストメディア時代の日本社会とメディア権力」 [abstract] [full paper]
  • Yamada Shoji, International Research Center for Japanese Studies 
    Play, Pray, and Sell: Murakami Takashi’s <Buddhist Art> in Post-3.11 Context [abstract] [full paper]
  • Fabian Schäfer, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg 
    Detecting Political Bots on Japanese Twitter: Internet Right-Wingers and Abe's Hidden Nationalist Agenda in Japan’s 2014 General Election [abstract] [full paper]

- Discussant: Martin Roth, Leipzig University


Screening: Nuclear Nation (2012)

- Moderator: Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano, Carleton University 
Talk with the Film Director: Funahashi Atsushi

Day 3: Saturday, 11 November


Session 2: Politics and Intellectual Situation after 3.11

- Moderator: Steffi Richter, Leipzig University

- Panelists:

  • Isomae Jun'ichi, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
    Translation, Mysterious Others and Transference: Religious Subjectifitications from the Experience of Northeast Japan Disaster [abstract] [full paper]
  • Matsuda Toshihiko, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
    Earthquakes and Foreign Minorities in Japan --with Special Attention to the Comparison of Tohoku Earthquake with Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake [abstract] [full paper]
  • Sato Hiroo, Tohoku University
    The Watchful Gaze of the Dead [abstract] [full paper][Full paper (Japanese)]
  • Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano, Carleton University)
    Learning from Animals: Reconsidering Speciesism in post 3.11 Japan [abstract] [full paper]

- Discussant: Raji C. Steineck, University of Zurich


Session 3: Crisis and Representation

- Moderator: Isomae Jun'ichi

- Panelists:

  • Tsuboi Hideto, International Research Center for Japanese Studies 
    Living with the Living: Discourse on the Dead in Post-Fukushima Japan [abstract] [full paper]
  • Anne Bayard-Sakai, INALCO
    Writing by Circumventing the Unrepresentable: the case of Post March 11 literature [abstract] [full paper]
  • Kimura Saeko, Tsuda University
    Precarious life after Fukushima [abstract] [full paper]
  • Stephan Köhn, University of Cologne
    3/11 and the crisis of representation ? reflections on the potential and limits of writing about a nuclear catastrophe? [abstract] [full paper]

- Discussant: Steffi Richter

16:45-18:15 Round Table

19:00-21:00 Farewell Party

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