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AAS 2013 The Atomic Age: Power, Memory and Identity Panel

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Hinweis auf einen geplanten interdisziplinären Panel im Rahmen der Association for Asian Studies Konferenz 2013, California:

This panel evaluates nuclear politics and disaster in East Asia from the perspective of cultural memory and in relation to questions of race, gender, and social marginality. What does it mean for nuclear disasters such as Fukushima and Hiroshima to invoke a transnational memory politics? How do issues of marginalization, appropriation, and social justice emerge within cultural memory of nuclear disaster? What might the lens of cultural memory offer for understanding institutional and public response to 3/11 and the future of nuclear politics?

This interdisciplinary panel invites papers from the social sciences, literature and cultural studies, gender studies, art and visual studies, and journalism. Graduate student submissions are particularly welcome.

Vivian Shaw
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
The University of Texas at Austin
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