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Aktuelle japanwissenschaftliche Forschungen zu Fukushima - Vortrag in San Francisco

Veröffentlicht von Textinitiative am 24.02.2012
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An der University of San Francisco findet ein Vortrag von Dr. Lisa Yoneyama statt:
“Dialectical Images of History After Fukushima: Cold War Amnesia and the Transpacific Anti-Nuclear Counter-Citizenry”

Location: California, United States, Berman Hall in Fromm, University of San Francisco, Main Campus
Date: 1. März 2012, 6:00pm

Zum Inhalt: In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, we have witnessed a proliferation of knowledges that are deeply critical of the Cold War U.S.-Japan relations. They expose how the power elites of the two countries collaborated intimately to promote the Atoms for Peace programs across the Pacific. Yet throughout the post-World War II years the civic discourse critical of the nuclear has repeatedly, albeit in vain, gestured toward the evils of the Cold War love affairs between the United States and Japan. What has allowed the amnesia to persist so powerfully to the extent that we must continue to this day to relearn the history of such complicity? This paper discusses the mechanism of forgetting and then identifies within the dialectical images of history deployed in the post-3.11 anti-nuclear civic protests a possibility for fundamental shifts in the Cold War transpacific formations of which the nuclear conglomeration has been an integral part.

"Tears of the Earth" (Photographic slide show about human struggles in post-quake Japan, by photographer Satoshi Ueda) will be viewed at this event. For more information about "Tears of the Earth", please go to

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