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Diskriminierung in Japan – Evakuierte erfahren „Bullyism“ (ijime)

Veröffentlicht von Textinitiative am 05.12.2016
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Die Mainichi berichtet am 2. Dezember von einem neuen Fall von Schikane, die ein aus Fukushima evakuierter Schüler kürzlich erleiden mußte, als Schüler und der Lehrer seiner Klasse ihn als „Bazille“ beschimpften:

“The fourth-grade pupil told the teacher, in his 40s, before the summer holidays that he was distressed as other pupils were addressing him by adding "germ" to his name. According to the education board, the teacher then added "germ" while addressing the boy in a classroom on Nov. 22, just five days after the boy approached the teacher again about his treatment by fellow pupils. Nov. 22 was also the day of a strong earthquake off Fukushima in the early morning, reminding many of the massive March 2011 quake and tsunami that triggered the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. On Nov. 24, the boy's parents complained to the elementary school and other teachers interviewed every pupil in the class five days later. "Despite being approached by the pupil for help, the teacher said something extremely inconsiderate and inappropriate," an official of the education board said.” (Mainichi, 2. 12. 2016)


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