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Fukushima Report im „Journal of Heredity“

Veröffentlicht von Textinitiative am 05.10.2014
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Ein Abschnitt des „Journal of Heredity“ (Volume 105 Issue 5 September-October 2014) mit insgesamt vier Artikeln widmet sich Befunden nach Fukushima:

  • Outcomes of Fukushima: Biological Effects of Radiation on Nonhuman Species
  • Genetic and Ecological Studies of Animals in Chernobyl and Fukushima
  • Fukushima’s Biological Impacts: The Case of the Pale Grass Blue Butterfly
  • Unraveling Low-Level Gamma Radiation–Responsive Changes in Expression of Early and Late Genes in Leaves of Rice Seedlings at litate Village, Fukushima

Kommentar zum Journal: Over the last 100 years, the Journal of Heredity has established and maintained a tradition of scholarly excellence in the publication of genetics research. Virtually every major figure in the field has contributed to the journal. Established in 1903, Journal of Heredity covers organismal genetics across a wide range of disciplines and taxa. Articles include such rapidly advancing fields as conservation genetics of endangered species, population structure and phylogeography, molecular evolution and speciation, molecular genetics of disease resistance in plants and animals, genetic biodiversity and relevant computer programs.


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