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Gehen zwei Reaktoren in Südjapan wieder in Betrieb?

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"TOKYO—A victory by an antinuclear candidate in a local election points to the difficulty of restarting Japan's nuclear reactors, all 48 of which are currently offline until they can pass new safety standards and gain local approval for restarting.

The nation's nuclear regulator said Monday it was planning to release its review of two reactors in southern Japan's Kagoshima prefecture on Wednesday, an indication of progress in efforts to get nuclear power in Japan back in operation. People on both sides of the nuclear debate have said the two reactors are likely to pass the technical review. But even then, the two units face local opposition and aren't certain to restart soon. Japan's other reactors likely face longer waits.

The election of antinuclear candidate Taizo Mikazuki as governor of Shiga prefecture on Sunday is a reminder of the continuing opposition to nuclear restarts in many areas bordering regions that host nuclear plants. Shiga prefecture is located next to Fukui prefecture, home to more than a dozen nuclear reactors. Mr. Mikazuki defeated a candidate backed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and succeeds an incumbent with antinuclear views who had insisted on having a say about restarting the Fukui reactors." (THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL  14. Juli 2014)




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