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Neujahrsadresse des japanischen Kaisers 2013

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In seiner Neujahrsadresse zum 25. Jahr Heisei äußerte, wie auf der Seite des Palastamts nachzulesen ist, der Kaiser Gedanken zur Dreifachkatastrophe von Fukushima:

„A second winter since the Great East Japan Earthquake has come around. At the dawn of the new year, my heart goes out to the afflicted people, those who cannot return to the places they used to live because of radioactive contamination and those who have to spend the cold harsh winter in temporary housing. I sincerely hope that, in the future, the experience of the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami will be fully utilized in disaster prevention education and town planning so that the country moves towards assuring safety and security in the lives of the people.

Our country is now going through difficult times because of the earthquake and other factors, but it is my wish that the people's hearts will always be with the afflicted, and that everyone will support one another to overcome the various challenges.

It is my hope that the new year will be better, even a little, for the people of Japan and the people of the world.”

Auch eines der traditionellen Neujahrs (waka)-Gedichte des Kaisers beschäftigte sich 2013 mit der Lage im nördlichen Katastrophengebiet:

“How hard life must be
In winter in the regions
Struck by disaster
I wonder here in Tokyo
Where the sunshine is warm.”


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