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Statement from Tent-Hiroba Action

Veröffentlicht von Textinitiative am 17.11.2011
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Die Anti-AKW-Proteste in Japan reissen nicht ab - demonstriert wird nicht nur in Sachen "Fukushima", sondern auch gegen die Wiederinbetriebnahme der nach dem 11. März abgeschalteten Kernkraftwerke, z.B. des AKW Genkai im Südwesten Japans. Ca. 15.000 Menschen haben dagegen am vergangenen Sonntag allein in Fukuoka demonstriert. Ausserdem wird bereits seit fast 10 Wochen der Platz vor dem METI im Regierungsviertel von Tokyo okkupiert - mit Zelten, in denen ganz unterschiedliche Akteure um öffentlichen Raum ringen, um ihre aufklärenden und anklagend-fordernden Anliegen vorzubringen. Zunächst von Beamten des METI bedrängt, die Zelte abzubrechen, ist es seit kurzem wiederholt zu Übergriffen bzw. Provokationen seitens rechter Gruppen gegen diese Aktion gekommen. Am 13.11.2011 wurde daraufhin ein Aufruf ins Netz "Keizaishô-mae tento-hiroba" gestellt, dessen (mit dem hier veröffentlichten englischsprachigen statement nicht ganz identisches) japanischsprachiges Original auf folgender Homepage gelesen werden kann: .

 Steffi Richter (Japanologie Leipzig)         

     Statement from Tent-Hiroba Action

We protest against harassment by right-wing organizations toward “Tent-Hiroba” (Occupy the METI: Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and urge your immediate support. Two months have passed since we set up our first tent in front of METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) on 9/11, 2011. It was right after the METI building was surrounded by “human chains.”   
We are now in three tents, staying 24/7 to create a public space where people meet and talk about ways to achieve nuclear-power free Japan and also compensation for the people in Fukushima from those accountable.

 During these months, we have seen: young people on hunger strike between 9/11-21, “Women in Fukushima reject nuclear power plants,” which was a major protest by women in Fukushima through Oct 27-29, the subsequent sit-in “Women throughout Japan reject nuclear power plants,” through Oct 30-Nov 5. And on Nov 11, we will hold a human-chain vigil in front of the METI building at Kasumigaseki, Tokyo.However, the authorities have just gone so adamantly to restart No.4 reactor of Genkai Nuclear Power Plant.   
And furthermore, the Japanese government has agreed with Vietnam to move forward on nuclear export deal. As these moves are made by the government and electric power companies, what we can do is protect our tents to continue raising our voices against nuclear power.  

 But at the same time, in doing so, we also have come under attack from right-wing organizations. Their GAISEN cars, hysterical loud-speaker vans, recently came to the tents and parked nearby for hours. They ranted at us violently through ear-piercing speakers. They came again at 3 in the morning on Nov 6th, when seven or eight people came out of the van and disrupted our peaceful protest for two hours. They came later again at 11am and 17pm in a dozen of Gaisen cars and bombarded us by deafening sounds. They called us “extremists” and said we were “occupying illegally.” They repeated discriminatory hate speech against women and other nationals. These acts can never be accepted in the society. 

 Fuchigami Tarô (Vertreter des Zeltplatzes vor dem METI)     

We need your help to make this action a success.         

1. Spread the word far and wide. Send this alert to your contacts. Let people know we are here in the tents and the significance of our action.   

2. Join our tent and help us send out information. We are a coalition of various organizations and individuals. We need people who can stay overnight.

 Please visit us at the tent or contact at: 070-6473-1947 /       

3. Use the tents and mobilize! We are planning and calling on many anti-nuclear organizations and individuals to mobilize a series of actions from Nov 11 to Dec 11, 2011. It’s named “11/11-12/11 action: Stop restarting Nuclear Power Plants!” Help us put pressure on Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, build up our movement and let us be strong enough to counter vicious attacks from the opponents. Thus, we believe we will put an end to nuclear power plants. SPREAD and JOIN our latest action: 11/11-12/11 Stop restarting Nuclear Power Plants!

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