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Vorsicht vor dem Forschen – wissenschaftliche Selbstzensur im Fall Fukushima

Veröffentlicht von Textinitiative am 17.03.2014
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David McNeill berichtet von den Behinderungen, die die Forschung zu den Folgen von Fukushima in Japan erfährt.

“I was later told that he did not want to say that Fukushima radioactivity was worse than Chernobyl.” The head of the institute, who has since retired, declined to comment for this article. Mr. Aoyama asked for his name to be removed, he said, and the article was not published. The pressure he felt is not unusual — only his decision to speak about it.
Off the record, university researchers in Japan say that even now, three years after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, they feel under pressure to play down the impact of the disaster. Some say they cannot get funds or university support for their work. In several cases, the professors say, they have been obstructed or told to steer clear of data that might cause public “concern.”


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