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Yamamoto Taros Engagement Herbst 2015

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Am 17. September 2015 Protest, Tumult und “Gewalt” (bôryoku) im japanischen Parlament (Kommentar auf YouTube): “At 17 :00 the Vice President of the Committee (Mr. Sato, former commander of PKO troops in Iraq in 2003! ...) forced Yamamoto Taro to end his speech. And immediately, the sameVice-President requested the vote on the censure motion against the President of the Commission.
Without surprise, the motion was rejected, but all of a sudden, the NHK mutes the sound (5:50 in the video), posting subtitles claiming that "the exchanges that follow are not transcribed" (???).
We saw then the president of the commission, the PM Abe and his Minister of Defence finally entering into the room, escorted by policemen, the President announcing that the vote on the law would take place immediately in reduced session!
Opposition senators, revolted (they counted immediately file a further motion against the government) have rushed to the desk of the president. YamamotoTaro was the first in line, naturally, asking for time to file another motion. They were ignored,
In an incredible noise and turmoil, the president of the commission, invisible and inaudible, probably stammered that the law was passed! Indeed, the LPD senators stood up more or less two or three times. Just after they are already stood up a first time, Abe came out !! (He fled?) ...“ (veröffentlicht am 17.09.2015).


“Japanese independent Diet member Taro Yamamoto was elected as an opposition candidate to nuclear power and against the reopening of Japan's more than 40 plants. He became politically active in Japan after the Fukushima TEPCO nuclear plant meltdowns. In this interview he compares the Fukushima to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. He also discusses the rise of militarization, the building of a US base in Okinawa and why the Japanese people are against the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP agreement along with the dangers of privatization. This interview was done 11/20/2014. Production of Labor Video Project

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